Take Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Survey & Win 4 Days Trip!

Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing

Take Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Vacations Sweepstakes at www.zancudolodge.com and get a chance to win 4 Days trip. Zancudo Lodge is viewed as the best fishing resort in Costa Rica.

This spot is a heaven for individuals who love fishing. Therefore, if you want to be among those who can enjoy this amazing chance then read on this blog to know the procedure of filling the survey form. As you can only win this trip by completing their survey.

Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing survey

 Fishing Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica Sweepstakes

The Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Sweepstakes gives its esteemed clients a chance to record their experience through their survey.

Zancudo lodge surveyThis review guide contains the guidelines, prerequisites, and strategies of the survey. Therefore, read the following points carefully:

  • At first, visit www.zancudolodge.com on your mobile or PC.
  • You will get a receipt. Then, enter the code in the survey that is provided on the receipt.
  • Presently, perform the experience which you had done on a survey.
  • Thus a client has to rate the overall experience and quality of services.
  • Once you have provided your experience and rate the quality, they again ask whether the client wants to participate in the survey to win a free trip to Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing vacations.
  • After all the procedures, you can redeem your reward.

Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Sweepstakes Survey Questions

The survey questions are as follows:

Survey FAQs

  • Were they are friendly with their customers?
  • Is it true that they are helping the clients to decide which trip is best for tourism and fishing?.
  • Were they provide their services best or not?.
  • Do they upgrade the overall maintenance of the trip services?
  • Any issue or problem faced during fishing and traveling?

These types of inquiries are asked for taking part in the survey. Therefore the customers must answer all questions honestly.

Zancudo Costa Rica Sweepstakes Reward

In order to get the reward, all you have to do is to fulfill all the rules and requirements given by them. After, fulfilling, you can win 4 days trip.

 reward 4 days trip You have to visit the official website at least once for survey participation.

Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Texas Rules

In the customer satisfaction survey, there are a few regulations that one should know:

Zancudo survey rules

Everybody cannot take part in the survey only those can participate who fulfill its rules properly.

  • The individual might be a lawful native of the USA and ought to have the citizenship of any of the 50 states.
  • You are living in the USA and are a resident of 50  states.
  • The customer shall visit a store for the required coded receipt.
  • A person also who is participating in the customer satisfaction survey must be 18 years old and he must answer all the questions honestly.
  • A person must know basic knowledge and understanding of English, French, or Spanish.
  • A person or any of his relatives, family members, and friends should not be an employee of Zancudo Costa Rica.
  • A client must also have a receipt with him. If not he cannot follow the next rules and regulations of the store survey procedure.
  • The receipt would be eligible for only 30 days.

Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Requirements

You have to follow some requirement that is given below.

survey requirements

  • You must have a laptop, mobile, or PC with good internet.
  • Must have Zancudo costa Rica Survey Invitation.
  • Must have a Survey receipt code that is provided for entering the survey.
  • Customers should know a basic understanding of English or Spanish.
  • Must have a valid email address.

Zancudo Costa Customer Survey – Entry Method

how to take Zancudo lodge survey - entry method

There are two methods to take part in the Zancudo Costa Rica fishing Survey

  • Online Entry Method
  • Mail Method

Online Entry Method

  • In the online entry method firstly, you must have the internet to get online and visit www.zancudolodge.com.
  • Enter in the Zancudo costa Rica feedback Survey and follow all guidelines on the survey website.
  • The customer has to answer some questions.
  • Thus, in the end, complete the survey.

Mail Method

The mailing method to follow for email is as follows:

  • For the Mail Method, the client has to mail personal details like id, name, email, address, and phone number to Costa Rica.
  • Then send mail to their address.
  • In the end, a postcard should send to headquarter of Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Sweepstakes Puntarenas Province, Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica.

Zancudo Fishing Lodge Costa Rica Quick Guide

  • Visit the site at www.sportsmans.com and open the site to start a survey.

Take Zancuda Costa Rica Fishing survey - take survey now

  • Then code receipt must be provided on top.

How to take Zancudo Costa rica fishing survey - www.zancudolodge.com

  • Enter the code that is provided on the survey receipt.
  • Answer the question honestly to take your reward.
  • Now you can get your reward of a free trip to Zancud0 costa Rica.

Zancudo Costa Step By Step Guide

  • Firstly visit the nearest Zancudo Lodge.
  • Then code receipt must be provided on top.
  • Enter the date and time.
  • Enter a digit code that is provided on the survey receipt then enter the survey.
  • The user answers all these questions honestly.

A man catching fish at Zancudo Costa Rica

  • After all of this, the user has to provide their personal details.
  • Rate the most visited to zancudo.
  • Rate the service, accuracy, and quality.
  • Report any problems faced during the visit.

About Zancudo

Zancudo Lodge is the main fishing lodge in Costa Rica. The fishing mode is on so prepare to get huge Mahi or an enormous fish or better. On account of Sportsman’s Warehouse, which is giving you the opportunity to win 4 dream fishing free trips and tourism at Zancudo Lodge.

We are Zancudo Tours, where the experience begins in Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica! Zancudo is the spot for voyagers in the Zona Sur or Southern Zone in Costa Rica, including incredible angling in the ocean or off the seashore, cascades, wilderness stream visits. We are the Number one visits provider in Zancudo.

Outing consists of:

  • Round-trip air transportation
  • cabin at the comprehensive Zancudo Lodge.
  • Daily guided fishing.
  • Fish cleaning, vacuum pressing.
  • Freezing, and boxing up to two boxes.
  • All fishing items, handle, and that item which is necessary.


You can contact them by email, phone number, or by address. And also you have any sort of question you can visit the official website.

Zancuda Costa Rica contact

  • Address: Headquarter of Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Vacations  Puntarenas Province, Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica
  • Facebook: Facebook.com/thezancudolodge
  • Twitter: twitter.com/ zancudolodge
  • Contact Number +1 800-854-8791
  • Official website: www.zancudolodge.com


How to Complete Fishing Feedback Survey?

Take the Zancuda Costa Rica survey and complete it by sharing your experience and answering all the questions honestly. And, in return, you will get a chance to win 4 days trip. 


You can win a free trip to Zancudo Costa Rica and also more offers at www.zancudolodge.com. I hope you like and enjoy the article.

If you find any query regarding the article then you are free to contact us. You can contact or you can visit the Zancudo Costa fishing official website. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

Survey Name:Zancudo Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Sweepstakes
Survey Prize:A 4-day, 5-night trip for the winner and a guest
Survey Category:Entertainment Survey
Company:Sportsman's Warehouse
Start Date:July 19, 2019
End Date:October 19, 2019

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