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Survey Email Subject Lines: The dynamic business environment calls entrepreneurs and marketers to oblige by consumer demands. Businesses that value consumer opinions tend to have a broader customer base.

The consumer opinion is procured by different surveys to attract customers to fill them up and voice their demands. They also need consumers to open up the email as a business needs a secure follow up email subject line.

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Best Survey Email Subject Lines Statistics

Statista has also revealed that between 2020 and 2022, the number of emails sent and received will spike from 306.4 billion to 333.2 billion. This means that your business’s email subject line should stand out among billions of customer satisfaction email survey templates.

The unique subject lines will also compel consumers to spare a moment to fill up the best survey email subject lines examples.

If you are still fretting over crafting a unique survey email subject line, let the distress drain out of your mind as this article will enhance your cognizance in creating such email subject lines.

 Survey Email Subject Lines

Survey Emails Subject Lines Objectives

Email marketing campaigns have different aims for surveying consumers. The objectives can post-purchase feedback, new release updates, service satisfaction surveys, and many more.

Whatever the reason behind sending survey emails, a marketer must craft eye-catching subject lines according to the aim.

It will boost open rates to pave the way for more consumer response and repeated purchases in the long run.

What will be the importance of creating engaging best survey invitation email subject line  examples, when the recipient is not attracted to open the email in the first place by survey invitation email line

All the hard work will be wasted off, and you will be demotivated to pursue your marketing skills in the business. So, the email marketer needs to spend much time and creativity to create the customer satisfaction survey email template subject lines.

Appealing Email Subject Lines Techniques

The lacklustre customer satisfaction survey email template can create a bad image of a business in the consumer’s eyes and can compel him to sideline the email by entitling it as spam.

This will hinder the business’s main aim, and they would not be able to know about the market trends by consumer feedback.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with crafting an email subject line best practices that boost open rates and accomplish the goal of email marketer:

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1) Keep the Email Subject Line Best Practices Concise

Many people tend to open emails on their mobile phones as it is easy to carry and get the job done in no time. To get consumer attention email’s survey invitation email subject line should be short enough to fit in the notification bar of the mobile phone.
concise view

With long subject lines, a consumer will not bother to open a full email to read the business’s objective, as seen above.

This will also contribute to the consumer’s loss of interest as he will be annoyed by the long subject line, which is not visible from the notification bar, and will leave the email as it is.

2) Try being Personal with the Consumer

Personalization generally includes the Name of the recipient in the email subject line. This reinforces the concept of being valued in consumers’ minds and triggers them to open the email.

According to research conducted at the university, the personalized email subject lines’ response rate was 46.3%.

This also shows the importance of personalization.
personalization templateAirbnb has used a consumer’s Name to make him feel valued and encourage customer retention, which is quite essential for businesses nowadays for repeated purchases.

Using the recipient’s Name as personalization can have a positive psychological effect on the consumer’s mind as he’ll feel more recognized by a brand and become loyal to it.

3) Incentivize your Email Subject Lines

email survey samples The incentives mentioned in the subject line drive the click-through rate as the consumer is also interested in availing of the businesses’ exciting offers. This promotes the email to be read by the customer and leave feedback.

Incentives also boost people’s direct engagement as they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of discounts and gifts.

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4) Email Survey Subject Lines can be Question Oriented

Questions engage a consumer by initiating real talk. This is the unique strategy for getting a consumer response as he would be oblivious to the fact that this email is for best survey subject lines examples feedback until he opens the email. Isn’t that a great way to lead the consumer into opening the email?.

Survey email tips and samples

Bellay did the right job by posing a question to its consumer. It will force consumers to open up the email until they realize that it was a feedback email.

This accomplishes the goal of marketers leading consumers to open the email. Once he opened the email, he will surely fill the survey and voice his opinions.

5) You Can Do Prior Testing

If you are not sure that which survey email subject line will have a high click-through rate, you can also create the same email with a different subject line and send it to a few email contacts.

Analyze the result and adopt a strategy that is more open to consumers. In this way, you would be already aware of the consumer preferences and craft the email more suited to consumers.

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Samples Survey Email Subject Lines

To make your email marketing successful and lead more consumers to open up your email, we have come up with some samples of unique survey email subject lines that can be used as a benchmark in crafting remarkable subject lines.

These samples help you to have an idea about how the real subject line looks like, which also guarantees consumer participation. Catchy Survey Invitation Subject Lines.

Have a look below for new samples:

  • What do you think?
  • Please also share your experience with us
  • Please help us improve ourselves
  • < Name> can we chat?
  • Voice your opinion and get 50% off on your next purchase
  • let’s keep the conversation going on
  • Hey < Name> does your new product fit?
  • We want to hear from you
  • You must have a product and an opinion
  • Spare a minute and be honest with us
  • Make our services even better
  • We are listening!
  • Would you rather have: <choices>
  • We also value your opinions
  • how was your recent experience with <company name>, <recipient name>

What is a Good Subject Line for a Business Email?

Tips for Creating the Best Email Subject Lines:-

  • Keep it short—be brief.

good subject line is around 30 characters long. Be obvious and tell your email recipient exactly what to do.

Avoid suspicious-looking subject lines—all caps and words like “GUARANTEED” will turn people away.


What is a Good Subject Line for a Survey Email?

Survey email subject lines are entirely different from regular promotional emails. In it you want consumers to open an email and leave feedback while filling the survey.

It is also tricky to craft an attractive email subject line to stand out in billions of emails. There are tips and tricks that also prove to be successful in boosting high clicking rates.

Being precise, clear, and relevant to consumer demand is the key to creating a strong survey email subject line.

Email marketers try to be very creative while writing subject lines. This creativity can sometimes fail in bringing fruitful results.

A/B testing also called test marketing gaining popularity nowadays. With the help of this marketing, you can also get significant success in knowing about consumers’ tastes.

Moreover, with the advancement in artificial intelligence, businesses now have access to data. This also allows them to identify the factors that make people excited about the deals and prevent them from leaving the message as spam.

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