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Phone survey: Provide ease in connecting with the consumer. Businesses need to do market research to see the trends in consumer choices and tastes. Entrepreneurs must carry out surveys for this purpose and reach out to potential consumers to become aware of their needs to be fulfilled.

The traditional CDC phone survey out of various methods is still popular with businesses and is an easy way to know the consumer demands.


Are you still pondering over the term “Phone Survey” and are unclear about it? Fret not as you are just in the right place to explore more about phone surveys.

The article will enhance your cognizance of the methodology of the phone survey & survey phone calls and all these steps taken to make the survey successful.


Simplifying The Term “Phone Survey”

An automated phone survey is a method of data collection where an interviewer communicates with the respondent over a phone call and handles a questionnaire by reading it from a computer screen.

The targeted population is contacted via phone calls, and the answers of respondents are recorded electronically through computer-based instruments.

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) helps the interviewer to follow up on the survey questions and clarify any query of the respondent.

An interviewer cannot edit the question nor ask the respondent the question of his own choice and only acts as a mediator between the questions and the survey respondent.


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survey call

CATI software can be conveniently used to store the response, set an appointment, and set call disposition reducing the hassle to write the answers in separate files or documents for storage and waiting for the respondent to participate in the survey.

Advanced technology has made it possible for businesses to connect with a larger amount of respondents in no time and carry out a telephonic survey with more participation.

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When Might a Phone Survey Benefit You?

You need to understand that when automated phone surveys are most appropriate to use before coming to the pros and cons.

The factors listed below tell you when phone surveys benefit the most: 

  • You can engage the respondent on the phone call without taking his precious time and making him feel recognized by a brand when the survey is concise.
  • Quick results also encourage businesses to participate in phone surveys as the responses are recorded fastly, and there is no need to write the reply manually.
  • The agencies should have resources to set up the phone call to the respondent, e.g. Internet connection and computer system.
  • The target population has difficulty in solving the questionnaire and is from rural areas where phone services are not available.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Phone Survey


Advantages and Disadvantages of Tele Survey


The advantages are as follows:

  • Personalization:

The presence of an interviewer in a phone survey gives close contact with the respondent. This is very crucial in maintaining good customer relationships and making the customer feel valued.

  •  High accessibility:

Every household has a phone service available, which makes it easier for a market researcher to reach out to the respondent quickly.

  • Quick and easy data handling:

CATI software allows faster processing and managing of data collected from phone surveys. The past data is also easily accessible using CATI.

  •  Quality control:

The trained interviewer can promote accuracy in the interview by clearing the misconceptions of the respondent and can also help with the uniformity of the questionnaire.

  • Maintain the secrecy of respondent:

CATI provides anonymity to the respondent if he wishes to conceal his identity and personal information. It is also cost-effective than web-based surveys.


  • Time constraint:

Time management can create hindrances in phone surveys as the personal time of the respondent is disrupted, and he might not be able to answer the questions due to his busy routine.

  • The respondent may filter the call:

Many phone users do not answer the call when they see an unknown number on the screen, thanks to the caller identification system.

  • Unseen products: The unavailability of the physical product also demotes the validity of the phone survey. The respondent might not answer correctly when he cannot touch or taste the product, thus bringing the element of bias.


How To Participate in a Phone Survey & Survey Method


participation in a survey

The surveying methods are as follows:


1) Introduction To the Survey

The communication of the survey should begin with the introduction of the objectives of the study. The interviewer should use dynamic language to grab the attention of the respondent while also highlighting the source from where his number was taken.

After the introduction of the survey, the interviewer of the survey company should tell the purpose of the survey and the time needed to complete it. It is appreciable to promise the confidentiality of the respondent and inform them to skip an inappropriate question. Survey on mobile phones like you can easily perform using your phone.

The survey should be highly engaging so that the respondent becomes persuaded to answer every question and give feedback. The interviewer should be trained to use a persuasive tone to make the respondent complete the survey.


2) Collection of Data

The interviewer needs to ask word-to-word questions written on the computer screen. This will encourage the respondent to give the exact answers to the questions. The formal tone of the interviewer will lead to more professional interviews increasing the chance of feedback.

The data should be recorded manually or automatically depending on the software used. The interviewer should familiarize himself with the CATI software to improve data collection. Some of the data entry software can correct the errors automatically, so an interviewer is encouraged to use that software.


3) Concluding the Survey

The interviewer asks for the demographic details of the respondent in the end. He can also ask for suggestions for improvement in the survey.

It is necessary to end the phone survey with kind words of gratefulness, so the respondent doesn’t feel that his time was wasted in the process. The interviewer should also critically analyze his performance at the end of the survey call and improve any shortcomings.

The interviewer must also respect the respondent’s wishes, e.g. if a respondent wishes to finish the survey before completion, the interviewer should comply and end the call.


What you should Keep in Mind when Devising a Tele Survey?


Key points


The businesses should keep the following points in mind before participating in cell phone surveys:

  • Make sure that the phone survey is the best option for data collection than any other method.
  • Plan the interview questions appropriately, and devise a project plan, including budget and responsibilities.
  • Make the content of the survey engaging and easy to understand.
  • Determine the size of the target population, i.e. sample according to the nature of the survey.
  • Set the infrastructure, including telephones, computers, call logs, online forms, and scripts.
  • Conduct the full survey and record all the necessary data for analysis.
  • Evaluate the responses and try to incorporate them into business strategies and decisions.

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Are Phone Surveys Real?

As part of the legitimate exercise of research, telephone surveys are usually conducted. But, it is essential to keep in mind that sometimes scammers pose as surveyors in order to win customer trust.


How do you Conduct a Phone Survey?

The following steps are included in order to conduct a phone survey.

  • Create your survey.
  • Associating it with the responders you are familiar with.
  • Choose a known respondent record.
  • Make a try in order to reach out to a known respondent.
  • Schedule a follow-up call in case needed.
  • Verify the information provided by respondents.
  • Ask questions and record answers.
  • Complete the survey.

What type of Study is a Phone Survey?

It is a form of quantitative or qualitative research, whose main purpose is to gather deeper feedback than a general mobile, email, or online survey.



Conclusively, a phone survey is suitable for many businesses. The cost-effective setup and low maintenance cost make it popular among businesses to take feedback from their customers.

Moreover, the high accessibility of the phones makes it easier to connect with the target population and strengthens the customer relationship.

The goal of a cell phone survey is to achieve the maximum amount of information per monetary unit spent. To fulfil the aim of market research of business.

There is also a chance of using a mixed method of the survey. If businesses use advanced software incorporating the features of different types of surveys.

A phone survey can be very beneficial if the infrastructure is available, and the area of service has high accessibility to telephone services.

So, I hope this article gave you insight into the survey on mobile phones and solved your queries related to it. The article will also help you choose between various options available for conducting surveys.


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