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Big Lots Survey: With the competitive nature of the business, it is no secret that businesses value their customer opinions to improve their customer service. So, Big lots have come up with the Big lots customer survey at to engage its customer to voice their feedback.

Are you still wondering why you should fill Big lots customer surveys in your busy routine? Stop thinking and quickly click the URL: and fill the survey to win a $1000 gift card.

Yes, you read it right. Big lots of rewards are a great opportunity for its customer to save more. Moreover, with having a chance to win a $1000 gift card, it is also an easy method to give your views about customer service, staff feedback, quality-oriented staff, and much more.

Big Lots Survey

Your views are completely recognized at big lots and with in-depth analysis, they are implemented to improve your experience.

Are you ready to make the change at Big lots retail store? Buckle up and follow the guide to fill Big lots customer survey at

Win $1000 gift card through Big Lots Survey

Big Lots Survey Gift

Before jumping on to the Big lots survey, you need to live up to certain requirements and restrictions. These requirements and restrictions will lead you to win a $1000 gift card to enjoy the perks of it.


Big Lots Survey Requirements

Here I am providing requirements to complete this survey.

  • You must be able to comprehend English or Spanish
  • You must be above 18 years
  • A recent receipt will be important to fill up the details like date, amount of purchase and register number
  • Current residence should be in 50 states of America or District of Columbia
  • You must have a device like a laptop or a smartphone to fill up Big lots survey
  • It is commendable to fill correct personal information as Big lots will contact you in case you win a $1000 gift card.


Read restrictions from below-mentioned points:-

  • Staff, employees, affiliated agents, sponsors or any of their relatives are not eligible for the Big lots customer survey
  • Gift cards are not available in cash
  • This survey is not permissible in US military installation, territories, and where the law prohibits.
  • Incomplete information will not be entertained to win $1000 gift card
  • Fraudulent information will lead to disqualification of the entry

Big lots Survey Entry Method

There are two ways to give your feedback to Big lots:
1) An online survey at
2) Mail method

Quick Guide Through Online Survey

Here I am providing quick guide through infographics for better understanding.

Step By Step Guide For Big Lots Survey

You can participate in the survey by following these steps:

  1. Visit the site: and make sure you have your purchase receipt with you
  2. You would be asked for the language you are comfortable with. Select English or Spanish according to your proficiency in either language
  3. Press enter and you will be directed to the information bar, asking for the store, purchase and register number
  4. Next,  you’ll write the date and time of purchase
  5. Proceeding to next step, overall customer satisfaction scale appear asking you to rate on the scale from 0 to 10
  6. After that, a proper questionnaire will start.
  7. Make sure to give honest opinions and views at as these opinions will determine the improvements in Big lots retail stores.
  8. Lastly, you would be asked for contact detail so that big lots can connect with you in case you won $1000 gift card

Entry Through Mail Method

  1. Firstly, get a postcard of the dimension 3.5×5
  2. Secondly, write your full name, zip code, birth date, and contact details
  3. Write about your satisfaction and experience
  4. After that, write mailing address: Big lots guest experience survey sweepstakes entry, 625 panoramas, trail suit 2100 Rochester NY 14625-2437
  5. Subsequently,  send the postcard and wait for their response in order to get notified about the prize.

As soon as you have fulfilled the requirements and conditions of the Big lots customer survey and have given honest and true personal information, you have been successfully registered as one of the participants of the survey.

You will be notified of your personal number or email if you have won a $1000 gift card at

Make sure that you live up to the requirement by all means or else wrong information may create hindrance in winning the Big Lots reward.

Sneak peek of Big lots Retail Store

Big lots Inc. is an American retail store that has 1400 stores in 47 states and the main headquarter is located in Columbia, Ohio.

Originally Consolidated store corporation was formed in 1967 by Sol Shenk and opened its first retail store in 1982 which was named Odd Lots.  Subsequently, Revco a drug chain store-bought the a closeout retailer branch of Odd lots company in New Jersey and expanded it through Columbia.

After the issue of name with another national closeout retail store, Revco agreed to use Odd lots in Columbia. Moreover, in the radius beyond the Columbia consolidated store corporation started to operate the store under the name of Big lots. Consequently, all stores were named as Big lots. In 1986, the corporation was registered in the New York stock exchange and was known as a public company.

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From being an ordinary retail store to becoming a renowned company, Big lots never compromise on the customer service and quality of the products. In addition to it, they aim to provide amicable ambiance throughout the stores so that customers can roam freely.

The affordable prices at Big lots stores help you to save more on the product company serves in. Since, Big lots deal with a variety of products like furniture, home decor, gifts, and food, you can also save time by coming to the store and buying products in one go.

The company also recognizes the healthy work culture and is adamant to surprise the customer with its service.

Contact details

Big lots are always ready to listen to your problems and are readily available to solve them.  To serve this purpose, Big lots has provided its phone number for immediate assistance.

Big Lots Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Call us at: 1-866 244-5687

Useful sites:



Conclusively, this article provides you the detailed requirement to fill up the survey at Moreover, the step by step guide mentions the process you will encounter while filling up the Big lots customer survey.

This survey is just perfect for a shopaholic with the chance to win a sweepstakes prize of $1000 gift card. The main purpose to write this article was to guide the customer in filling up the Big lots survey conveniently and to have a higher chance of winning a $1000 gift card at

I hope the purpose is fulfilled and this article was your guide to solve your queries.  For Big lots of reward visit the website and

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