BHG Sweepstakes – Enter Daily to Win a $2500 Gift Card!

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BHG sweepstakes provide the best services to their customers for home products and to make their garden more perfect.  They are providing a great opportunity for customer satisfaction and a chance to win a $2500 Gift Card by visiting the website.

Better Homes and Gardens are giving you a brilliant opportunity to decorate your home with fresh and new stylistic layout things, cooking, furniture, and more at affordable prices.

Better homes and gardens surveyMoreover, the company will give you a gift voucher of $100. So do not miss this amazing chance and take part in these sweepstakes as soon as possible.

Here is brilliant news for you!. The contribution of customers is essential for the organization. For them, understanding the satisfaction level of customers through online survey feedback is crucial. BHG daily sweepstakes need to know about their products and administration in order to improve them. So hurry up and complete their survey without wasting time.

Better Homes And Gardens Daily Survey

Better homes and gardens Customer Feedback Survey provides significant offers for buyers.

Better Homes And Gardens Daily Sweepstakes

Complete the BHG Customer Satisfaction Survey to get the prize to win $2500 Gift Cards. They record their feedback online.

Therefore, it is good to participate in the Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey at This article contains rules that need to be followed in order to get the reward.

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Better Homes And Gardens Survey Questions

Better homes and gardens survey’s primary purpose is to satisfy its customers.

better homes and gardens

From this BHG com sweepstakes survey, a few types of questions are asked from the customers about BHG management. So, they provide better management and offerings in order to get five-star ratings. The questions that are usually asked are as follows:

  • You need to give feedback on your recent visit to BHG.
  • How much the customer is satisfied by their management?
  • Customers can express how they feel about the BHG and its staff. They have to give their feedback honestly.
  • Were they are cooperative with their customers?
  • Is it accurate to say that have given their administrations best or not?
  • The tidiness of the restaurant. Is the BHG tidier than in the past and are they keeping its environment well?
  • Is it right that they are guiding the guests in deciding the best thing according to their range?
  • Are they maintaining the overall performance of BHG well or not?

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BHG Gardening Daily Sweepstakes Rewards

The company is providing their customers with a chance to win $2500 Gift Cards by completing the survey.

BHG Sweepstakes Rules

Every guest cannot be a part of the survey only those can participate who has some previous experience. Follow the given rules to participate in the survey.

Better homes and gardens customer survey

  • You must be a true citizen of the US, Canada, or Mexico.
  • The customer shall visit a BHG for the required coded receipt.
  • A participant must be 18 years old.
  • A participant must understand the basics of English, French, or Spanish.
  • The person is not eligible to enter the survey if he or any of his relatives, friends, or family members are working in BHG.
  • A person must also have a receipt with him. If not, then he cannot go for the next rules and instructions of the survey procedure.
  • Code is simply valid for a month.

You have to follow all the points of better homes and gardens at

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BHG Sweepstakes Survey Requirements

The requirements for completing the home and garden daily survey are given below:

BHG Feedback

  • You should have a webpage and a Laptop, PC or Mobile with a good internet connection to get to the BHG Customer feedback Survey.
  • Must have a receipt from your closest outlet or from the company.
  • You should have basic knowledge of English, French, or Spanish.

Better Homes and Gardens Survey Entry Method

The entry method for participating in the BHG Survey offered by Better Homes and Gardens is mentioned or given below:

  • The only method through which guests can take participate in this Better Homes and Gardens Daily Sweepstakes is via the online method by visiting and by entering the survey code provided at the top of the receipt.

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How to Complete Better Homes And Gardens Survey?

For completing the survey, you have to go through the guidelines of the better homes and gardens sweepstakes. Also, you have to give personal information like name, email, address, and phone number. Moreover, you have to give a review to BHG.  Also. you have to visit the BHG for completing the survey.

You can win the reward of 100$ gift voucher for completion of a survey.

BHG Survey: Quick Guide

  • Visit the site at and then open the site for the survey.

take BHG Survey

  • Code receipt is provided on the uppermost side.
  • Also, enter a mail.
  • Enter the code of the survey that is provided on the coded receipt.
  • Answer the question truly to take your reward.
  • Now you can get your reward of 100$ gift card.

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BHG Survey: Step By Step Guide

  • Firstly visit the nearest BHG.
  • Then see the coded receipt that must be provided on uppermost.
  • The date and time must be included in the survey.

BHG Feedback survey

  • Enter a code that is given on the review receipt at that point to participate in the offer.
  • At that point enter your email.
  • Give review about BHG honestly.
  • Rate your recent visit to BHG.
  • Rate the administration, management, and quality.
  • Give feedback about the environment.

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About BHG

BHG stands for better homes and gardens daily sweepstakes. In the event that you participate in it, you’ll be in the race to win a 100$ gift card and also a voucher coupon. Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth smash hit magazine in the United States. The supervisor of the boss is Stephen Orr. The magazine is distributed 12 times each year by the Meredith Corporation.

BHG Contact

Better homes and gardens near me

  • Customer Service. 800-374-4244.
  • Headquarter Address: Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States
  • Website:
  • survey website
  • Services are available all the time

Note: The survey website is redirected to the new website


Are BHG Sweepstakes Real?

They are 100 percent legal. This is because they do not take any charges of participating and getting a reward.

How do you Win a Home Makeover?

In order to win a home makeover, you are required to submit a video through social media. The video can be posted on any social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Furthermore, the video should explain what do you want to protect in your house & what is the reason that you should win the contest.

How do I Enter Better Homes and Gardens Competitions?

In order to enter BHG competitions, you must visit Inform judge about the fresh improvement you will make to your house with 1000 dollars in twenty-five or fewer words.


We hope now you have a better understanding of how to win a gift card from the BHG Sweepstakes Survey. Follow the mentioned-above standards and prerequisites to take part in this Survey. Complete the full survey and get a chance to win a $2500 Gift Card.

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